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Coat of arms of the history of China

Badge is worn on the body is used to represent identity, professional logo. It has a long history which can be traced back to primitive tribal totem signs. Totem is Indian "Totem" intention is of transliteration of "kin". Is tribal members recognized that natural objects with blood. Mainly marked by animals and some plants. Austria the psychologists Freud "Totem is not only a religion, but it is also a social structure in terms of religious beliefs on natural Totem has surprised respect and social opinion  protected Yes, it represents not only within the same Division of the interrelationship of all civil and due with the other tribes." Totem is worshipped and visible landmark. Just as society advances Totem of religious property and productivity development, growing weak distinctive and iconic roles have become increasingly prominent. Building social coat of many early country, emblem and coat of arms of the Royal family have been independent entities but most of them were not wearing  is mainly placed or mounted on buildings like the national emblem on the coat of arms is placed in the Palace, and the Royal family.

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