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Comparison of IC card systems and ID card systems

IC card universal integrated circuit cards (integrated circuit card), also known as smart cards (smart card). Read/write capacity, encryption, data recording and reliable, easy to use, card systems, consumer systems, there are series of Philips Mifare cards. Full name of ID card identification card (identification card), is a card that cannot be written, containing a fixed number, mainly Taiwan SYRIS em format, United States hid, TI, Motorola, and other ID cards. 1, security: security of IC card than ID cards. ID card read the card number without any authority, easy imitation. The recorded data in IC card read, written to require password authentication, even card, each area has a different password protection, comprehensive protection of data security, write data in IC card password with the password can be set to read out the data of different, provided a good grade management, ensure system security. 2, can be recorded: ID card is not write data record (card number) by chip manufacturer write-once only, the developer can only read card number to use, not according to the actual need for the new number system. IC card can not only be read by authorized users a lot of data, but also by authorized users to write large amounts of data (such as a new card number, user permissions, user data, etc), content recorded in the IC card can be repeatedly erased.