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CPU cards detailed knowledge

CPU card chip informally refers to chips containing a microprocessor, it functions as a micro-computer. People often use integrated circuit card (IC card) on the metal sheet is the CPU card chip. IC cards have a wide range of uses, many local taxes, tax registration card with gold, tax card, drive motor vehicle driver information cards, water and electricity are also using IC cards. First only for simple storage function of IC card, IC card to the multi-function development, electronic wallet, personal information management, multimedia, and so on, "one card" function, you must ask the CPU to the smart card chip, small volume, high capacity development. CPU card: real meaning Shang of intelligent of non-contact type, CPU card within has CPU (CPU), and random memory (RAM), and program memory (ROM), and data memory (EEPROM) and tablets within operating system (COS), CPU card just single of non-contact card, but a with card operating system (COS) of application platform, with COS of CPU card equivalent to a Taiwan microcomputer, not only has data storage function, while has command processing, and Computation and data encryption capabilities.