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Introduction to magnetic stripe card

Card is a magnetic recording media card. It is made of high strength, high temperature resistant plastic or paper-coated plastic, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and have a certain degree of flexibility, easy to carry, more stable and reliable. Typically, magnetic card printing instructions tips information, such as card; the other side of the magnetosphere or magnetic strip, with 2-3 tracks to record information about the data. Magnetic liquid magnetic material or magnetic strip for information the carrier, liquid magnetic material coating on the card or the width of 6-14mm magnetic pressure put on the card. Magnetic strip has three tracks, the first two tracks are read-only tracks, the third track for the read and write tracks, such as the account balance. Magnetic card reading and writing of information is relatively easy, easy to use, low cost and early access to development, and in many areas of application, such as prepaid cards, charge cards, appointment cards, tickets, debit card, credit card, etc.