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Metal badge history

Historically, metal coat of arms representing the authority and rank, which partially satisfies people's vanity-just know they are important enough, but also makes sense to let others know their important. History of the coat of arms had a boisterous, all walks of life have their own coat of arms. In this article, let us look at the coat of arms in the past 100 years of United States history from prosperity to decline. In addition to distributing leaflets at the fair, I haven't done any work need a coat of arms to represent his authority and position. I used to play the Olympia brewery in Tumwater Washington Circle, the coat of arms was awarded a honorable citizen of Tumwater; I was still pancake Club members, so there is a metal badge that read: return to the pancake time. At the birthday party, Scout meeting will see a number of coats of arms, but none of them really give me a feeling of AWE as the badge, like the dusty police or investigate the murder of detective wears a badge. Think about it, in San Francisco on the highway in order to catch up with criminals, you flag down a car, when you show your badge: "your car was expropriated", too cool!