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Metal bookmarks

Metal bookmarks, as its name suggests, is the gold bookmark. Metal paper bookmarks bookmark broke with tradition, more of a metal texture, more and more widely used and more as gifts, collectibles. By corrosion, electroplating, electrophoresis, polishing, printing, drawing. Corrosion materials forming gold card size. In electroplating, electrophoresis, overall background color adds a layer of oxidation resistance of the oxide layer, for the indelible role. Tool is the use of flexible polishing for polishing and abrasive particles or other Polish media on the surface modification processing. Polishing fail to raise the size of the bookmark or geometric precision, but in order to obtain a smooth surface or specular gloss, silk screen printed text, icons, and so on, using special inks are protected do not fade, do not fade. Used screen printing bump yards, making gold more texture. Gold four-colour process: improved clarity gold, lifting gold texture more attractive. Metal surface drawing card modeling more innovative, striped, texture, appearance is more abundant.