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Metal Keychain development trend

Industries more and more fierce competition when the metal key buckle competition is still in its initial state. Key chain no particular brand in the industry, none of the market to more than 5%. Has a nationwide network of key manufacturers, very few, can establish their own market development offices are even scarcer. The industry lacks the capacity to brand and marketing concepts, lack of genuine talent. Foreign companies are currently a lot of OEM in China buying so many key ring manufacturers in the export now. Keychain jewelry as a new point of economic growth, developed countries are gradually moving towards maturing. Various grades of dotted with stores, points of sale; a variety of styles, all levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. In mainland China, the industry is still in the early stages of development. With the rapid development of socio-economic, cultural, people are moving from subsistence into the well-off, advocating human nature and fashion, continue to shape the personality and charm, has become the pursuit.