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Application Of Hot-melt Adhesive Stickers

A request to colors, glue was supposed to have differences. If colors is then itself has no special requirements, recommended the use of yellow hot-melt Adhesive, generally speaking, better than the white viscous yellow hot melt adhesive. Second, the surface treatment by then. Hot melt adhesive to the surface treatment by then no more binders so strict, but is then surface dirt, grease should be properly dealt with, to make hot-melt adhesives play a better bonding. Third, working time. Jobs quickly is a major feature of hot melt adhesive. Hot melt Adhesive processing time is generally about 15 seconds, along with the extensive application of modern production – line, hot-melt Adhesive work time is getting shorter, book binding and loudspeaker manufacturer of hot-melt Adhesive processing time required to get 5 seconds or so. Four, and temperature resistance. Hot-melt adhesives are sensitive to temperature. The temperature reaches a certain level, hot melt Adhesive begins to soften, below a certain temperature, hot-melt glue become brittle, so choose the hot melt Adhesive products must be fully taken into account the host environment's temperature. Five, viscous. Late early hot melt Adhesive-sticky sticky and viscous. Only early stage stickiness and viscosity in the late to make hot-melt Adhesive and then remained stable. In the process of production of hot-melt glue, should ensure that it has antioxidant, halogen-free, acid and alkaline-resistant and plasticity.