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Clothing Before Washing Need To Check Buttons And Related Accessories

Because of need to put the right amount of clothes at the dry cleaners dry cleaning fluid, like regular plastic buttons are easily dissolved. If accidentally similar buttons or decorations laundry, you destroy the whole beauty of the dress. So, when we were washing clothes, should first determine whether clothing mixed with detergent to clean. We usually wear clothes or shoes are also frequently work with various buttons or ornaments, saw that it was very beautiful, but just more trouble to clean. If a number of gold-plated metal buttons or fasteners, alkaline detergents may damage the surface of the jewelry. If we were washing clothes without a larger master, buttons and other decorations can be removed and stored separately, wait for the washing to dry and then button up. Of course, if you decide to do will have to ensure that they can accurately recover button. If rinsing solvent to be used in the cleaning process, the metal fastener is to be handled separately, must not mix soaked in solvent, this is likely to make the fastener faded, affect the overall appearance. Metal buttons or fasteners, we should try to avoid contact with water, the water contact with the metal surface oxidation occurs, and rust the metal surface, and this can be difficult to clean off the rust.

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