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Decrypt Badge Making Mainstream Material Selection For Comparison

Metal badges are made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, or gold and silver and other metals, formed after a certain amount of coats of arms production. In recent years, coat of arms collection value increasingly highlights, especially this used metal making of coat of arms and medals, more is became currently coat of arms making of mainstream, like high-end coat of arms in the of metal enamel coat of arms and imitation enamel coat of arms, also has metal roast paint coat of arms, and with iron made of price relative compared cheap of metal coat of arms, these is customer coat of arms making of main select compared following simple introduced about various material of features: copper: copper (contains brass, and copper, and copper) is making high-end coat of arms of preferred metal, and which, Copper enamel badge making, brass and bronze are mainly used for imitation enamel badges and painted metal coat of arms the coat of arms production. This relatively soft metal of copper, it is the metal coat of arms of two materials, metal badges made beautiful, quality, thickness 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, Medallion thickness is 3 mm.