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Each Step Of Logo Design

Tags are actually offset printing paper products. There are also screen printed plastic products. Offset printing principle is simple, but will directly influence the quality of machinery and equipment level of paper processing is more flexible, you can deal with, easier to express the designer's original soul. Brand design taking into account each step of production: patterns (sketch)-sedan-, printing-paper-processing; chapter on plastic: plastic, also known as plastic or PVC, by carving model heat setting processes, product features for flexible modes of expression, full stereo effect. Means for brand expression is more prominent in recent years. PVC LOGO:PVC LOGO, using the wealth of plastic artificial leather and plastic, plus screen printing and high-frequency heat treatment, soft flexible styling of various materials. On reflective material: reflective material, reflective reflective coating, strengthened the reflection of light, glare or night vision conditions, can make marker shows up. On the three dimensional coordinates: three-dimensional standard, also known as magic.