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Metal Label Process Description

⑴ has feet signs: Shang die can according to customer requirements of feet long, and feet diameter, and Center from business do. signs die-cast good Hou, signs itself on will since with feet nail. normal feet long 2-8mm, some big also can do 2-13mm. This class with feet signs installation has variety method. a,: will feet folding bent, fixed in Panel of behind. b: in feet above Shang card circle. C: some big name itself is very thick with foot, foot tapping, tapping screws on the back directly. b sign non-adhesive back foot: adhesive different background according to customer requirements, some plain rubber, 3M rubber, Desha rubber, sponge rubber. Most commonly used is the 3M adhesive. This type of installation is simple, remove the release paper posted directly after some audio Sou network. Adhesive back if the net is too big is not suitable, because the plastic surface is small, very easy to take off. ⑶ adhesive back foot: most of this type of design is: feet are used for fixing plate will not move, gel is a fixed sign will not fall off, or is a double security feature. D sign the bottom punch: this class is mainly through the nail plate fixed on the product, this class commonly used in the furniture industry, other sectors are rarely used, because some customers are nails on the nail.