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The Advantages Of Copper Door

Copper door appearance and practicality is a very strong product, with classical wind yet elegant atmosphere with one, and the door's security was also high, I could become a good "keepers". Copper door performance very much, the most prominent is its appearance features, copper door a century long after, but also because of its vigorous temperament, antique thick. Copper door is always the symbol of noble status. Copper doors the main building, of Chinese ancient, burnished copper nature, corrosion-resistant, antimicrobial resistance to oxidation, be easily damaged, life is longer than wood, than tiles, bronze long service life, and it was lovely, the tone is gorgeous, rich sound yet elegant, verdant and full of ancient contained nothing new. Through the exquisite craftsmanship, ingenuity Cheng Hou, Zhu shape us. Of traditional architecture and elegant, without losing the material strong and waterproof, anti-corrosion, exquisite technique and perfect combination of modern technology, allowing volatile with limited space limitless tolerance.