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United States Police Metal Coat Of Arms

We appreciate the United States Hollywood gangster movie, generally found United States police always wore colorful, glittering, dazzling variety of metal badges, worn on the Pocket, has hung around the neck, and some are hanging on the belt. Sometimes and documents fit together, or in a different environment with different badges and the use of different ways of carrying wear. In fact, no matter where they wear, or use it in what sort of environment, the main function of these badges only one badge is proof the users identity, ranking and grading. I think United States the wide use of the coat of arms, of the number, variety is the world's first. This is because the United States has no national police uniforms. United States 50 States, each with its own laws, so removal must follow United States Constitution, mainly the implementation of the police is the law of the State. United States police nor the necessary uniform! United States of the 50 States has its own badge, within State and city police, State police, county police officers all have their representatives of their identity badges, metal badge to differentiate, levels, different police. So to say, the badge and coat of arms of law enforcement are so vast in number, estimated average United States police themselves will not clear exactly how many species are there. United States coat of arms established associations, in order to unify management, approval and use of the badge and coat of arms of law enforcement.